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  • Integration of Biological Data with Semantic Networks
    Tags: Semantics Bioinformatics SemanticWeb SneskaProjekat

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      • Abstract: In recent years, the broad utilization of high-throughput experimental techniques resulted in a vast amount ofexpression and interaction data, accompanied by information on metabolic, cell signaling and gene regulatory pathwaysaccumulated in the literature and databases. Thus, one of the major goals of modern bioinformatics is to process andintegrate heterogeneous biological data to provide an insight into the inner workings of a cell governed by complexinteraction networks.The paper reviews the current development of semantic network (SN) technologies and their applications to theintegration of genomic and proteomic data. We also elaborate on our own work that applies a semantic network approachto modeling complex cell signaling pathways and simulating the cause-effect of molecular interactions in humanmacrophages.The review is concluded with a discussion of the prospective use of semantic networks in bioinformatics practice as anefficient and general language for data integration, knowledge representation and inference.Keywords: Semantic networks, biological data integration, protein interactions, knowledge representation, ontology, semanticweb.
    • Posted on 2007-09-26 09:16:14, by milorad